Speak for yourself
We understand that potential employers demand richer portfolios from their applicants. Our students participate in Seven Minutes of Scholarship, providing each student with a powerful record of their speaking ability and progress.

What is Seven Minutes of Scholarship?
Many of our students have been involved in their research for several years before joining the program. In that amount of time, it is natural for anyone to paint a detailed picture of their work. However, this often comes at the price of losing sight of the "bigger picture." As the nuances of the research becomes a greater focus, the description of basic concepts to a general audience can suffer. This can set an expert at odds with the audience. Seven minutes is long enough for a speaker to touch upon the details of the work, but not get mired in them. As a result, more emphasis is placed on the motivation and concepts behind the approach. This kind of talk caters more towards the non-expert interested in learning about a new challenge.

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