Seven Minutes of Science

Date: Thursday, September 11

Time: 3–5pm

Location: 107 Harris Hall


Seven Minutes of Science will showcase graduate participants in Ready Set Go: Summer 2014 as they present their research in seven-minute presentations for a general, non-expert audience. The goal of this symposium is to share the great research going on at Northwestern in a way that is accessible to individuals from any field. Talks will cover topics from the following fields:

- Industrial Engineering & Management Sciencies

- Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

- Molecular Biosciences

- Engineering Sciences & Applied Mathematics

- Civil and Environmental Engineering

- Materials Science and Engineering

- Chemistry

- Chemical and Biological Engineering

- Psychology


Whether you conduct research in these fields or are simply curious about what their research entails, this event is perfect for broadening your scope of knowledge.


Refreshments will be served.


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Seven Minutes of Science
Graduate research at Northwestern in Seven Minutes

107 Harris Hall
September 11, 3–5pm

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